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Wealth Builders Membership

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With our Commercial Real Estate membership, you will master the techniques used by professional commercial real estate brokers to find and keep clients.

When it comes to commercial real estate leasing, there's a lot to learn.

Our exclusive new online Membership site focuses on Learning how to create lease structures, contracts, contract negotiations, property search and tours, pricing, and much more

 The problem real estate professionals have is that they can't find an opportunity or anyone to share the knowledge on commercial Leasing.

It's a  nagging feeling that if THEY DID KNOW the right answers, it would make a huge difference to their bottom line.

The Wealth Builders membership is developed to give the answers real estate professionals need.

If you're looking for the best Commercial Leasing training you can use to boost your business to the next level and get on track.... here it is.

The Wealth Builders Membership is designed to simplify commercial real estate transactions and make you a confident, profitable real estate professional.

                                      JOIN TODAY 

Our classes will give you the tools and knowledge to generate leads, find properties, list properties for lease, negotiate leases, keep control of your deals, market your business through lead generation techniques and social media networking, handle common Landlord/ Tenant issues, but more importantly find and keep good clients.

  • Finding and Keeping Clients - Business Owners, Tenants and Investors

  • Working Deals - negotiating, step by step deal flow, and more 

  • Closing Transactions - Lease Structures, Contracts, and more

  • Getting Paid - Commissions, percentages, Creative Pay, Invoicing and more

  • Lead Generation-  Building and keeping strong pipeline and network

  • Marketing- Keeping your brand in front of everyone

  • Social Media- Easily stay consistent with our tool kit and hacks 



    The membership has a one-time fee of $149  then $39.99 (US) each month after.

    The monthly modules and content will drop on the 6th of every month.


    There are no refunds on the $149 one-time fee, but you can cancel at any time.




    Customer Reviews

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    Crystalle Guss
    Get Straight to the Bag

    I have tried other CRE courses only to find that the information given is designed for people who have been in the commercial industry for multiple years or are backed by a powerhouse CRE firm. Learn Commercial Real Estate gives you the information you need to hit the ground running. If you study, apply what you've learned, learn the language of CRE and take action, you can get straight to the bag!