Welcome to Learn commercial real estate.com where you learn how to master commercial real estate Leasing. You will learn how to find clients and leads, locate properties, deal coordination, how to negotiate deals, but more importantly how to close deals and earn commissions.

This company is a labor of love for people who wanted to enter commercial real estate sales and leasing but couldn't find a way. I was one of those people and I want to make it easier for you to become one of us. 

This knowledge bank of commercial real estate sales and leasing will hopefully change your life as it has done for many others. This space was created with the intention of helping real estate professionals in all fields to diversify and increase their income earnings.

After many years hammering away at the commercial industry as a single mom juggling 2 jobs, I finally was able to make something happen for myself. As a lover of learning I never stopped digesting information on my industry and those industries that complimented commercial real estate. It came to me that I should be helping others learn and succeed at commercial real estate. 

I made it and I know if you are serious about learning a skill that will feed you for life then you are in the right place. Here I am the silent cheerleader. It may get tough sometimes, that why learning how to close transactions in commercial real estate sales and leasing will always be an asset. Good luck you on your journey. 

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