Learn Commercial Real Estate 

Welcome to Learn commercial real where you learn how to master commercial real estate Leasing. You will learn how to find clients and leads, locate properties, deal coordination, how to negotiate deals, but more importantly how to close deals and earn commissions.

This company is a labor of love for people who wanted to enter commercial real estate Leasing, but couldn't find a way.

This knowledge bank of commercial real estate Leasing will hopefully change your life as it has done for many others. This space was created with the intention of helping real estate professionals in all fields to diversify and increase their income earnings.

The amount of times I was asked how I got into Commercial Real Estate and how the other person could get into it happened more times than I could count.

I started wondering how could they get into Commercial Real Estate? As I realised one couldn't just "get into it " unless someone showed them how to do it. Like I was being shown.

The downside was clear. Not making money while you worked and learned a job full time, isn't an option for most people of colour and women.

After many years hammering away at the commercial industry as a single mom juggling 2 jobs nights and weekends, so I could keep a  nice roof over my son's head and his belly full, I finally was able to make something happen for myself.

As a lover of learning I fell in love with buildings and digesting information on my industry and those industries that complimented commercial real estate.

My learning experience in commercial real estate began 8 years ago, and I have accumulated that knowledge in sharing with you all the gems and expertise I am constantly receiving.

 This company is dedicated to my father who inspired me ,and gave me the idea to share my knowledge  of commercial Leasing with people of colour and women. He passed away June 17, 2020. This is my homage to him, as he inspired this journey 3 years ago. After hearing me complain about being one of the only woman and the only black person in my industry; He simply asked " What are you going to do about it?" My father's birth name was Learn. My father was a phenomenal teacher and a great student, and I aspire to be the the same.

I've finally made it and I know if you are serious about learning a special skill that will feed you for life, then you are in the right place. 

Commercial Real Estate Leasing will change your net worth and your network.

You have me as your cheerleader and encourager. 

Commercial Real Estate is a tough business.

We are building a community of Wealth Builders who are tougher. 

Join us.
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