Whoever has the gold makes the rules....

Learn Commercial Real Estate

with Divine Katoure


A new week. A new day with new opportunities.

One thing most successful people have in common is they like to read.

These successful people read whatever they can about their industry or

passions. They may also spend time reflecting on what they have read.

Dissecting each sentence or a particular piece of information absorbed,

that resonates with their passion or incites an idea to bring to a space or



I wanted to share a couple of fantastic publications centered around my

passion of commercial real estate. Globe St has a free newsletter with

all the good, good info on CRE. It's absolutely one of my favorite


Another resource is Commercial Observer . They have a free

membership that gives you access to articles and more. Sign up.

As agents, we all must read our leases. We must read emails, and most

of us spend tons of time scrolling instead of reading. Let's work on

reading more.


Quick Story:

My mentor and colleague Ken Silver read about BEATS skyrocketing in the news, yes the little company owned by Apple and Dr. Dre grew into a giant at 555 19th Street in San Francisco deal signed by (The Hawthorne Group with Ken Silver as broker.) He knew they loved the location, but unsure if they would stay. Of course, this news meant they would be leaving, after confirmation, he started early marketing and had Tenants lined up to fill the space next.

Here is the old flyer used and you can see the place where some very

smart and dedicated Beats Employees worked.

When I read about Godiva Chocolates shutting down a couple of years

ago, I showed on social media how I went to those business and

building owners, offering assistance in listing their spaces, as they

would soon be empty. And helping those business owners who wanted

to continue their business in a new location find one.

I am just going to tell you my secret. I am going to tell you how I stay

on top of what's going on in the market everywhere. It's not because I

have more time than anyone or that I am smarter.

I just love to read. And I read and I read and I read.

I use the information I read to make calculated choices in how I

strategize and move.


Fun Fact about me, I am in love with books and reading. My goal is to surround my life with books and buildings in the physical and the metaverse worlds. When I retire I'll work in the most beautiful libraries around the world . I'll be finishing my masters in Library Science and Information Technology around then. That's another blog.


Small Things Make a Big Difference:

Taking 30 minutes a day to read about your industry will help you stay

on the leading edge. Taking that time to nurture your mind and

understand the buildings, people, deals, and hot CRE news

across the country, may provide an indicator of what may come next in

your market.


Different Point of View:

There are plenty of agents going about their daily business, working on

deals, but never reading about their local industry. These agents might

be doing ok, but they could be doing better. Before the pandemic, agents

would spend a lot of time sharing banter and information on different

deals and happenings around their market.

Now don't fight me, but having an office for commercial agents to

gather and synergize is important. In CRE it's important to stay

community oriented around agents and deals near you. What ways

can you become more involved with the buildings, deals and agents in

your local market?


What Remains the Same:

The old saying, " He who has the gold makes the rules." is still relevant.

In the year of 2022 ,and any years to come, or has been before; having

knowledge is like having gold. Knowledge is gold. The right

knowledge is gold. Stay on top of your knowledge bank and fill it up

with the information that will keep you on the leading edge and full of




Speak Nicely to Yourself and Others.

Mind the Numbers and Percentages.

ENGAGE AND CONNECT WITH US. I'd love to hear from you.




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