What does it REALLY take in Commercial Real Estate?

Learn Commercial Real Estate

with Divine Katoure

Commercial real estate markets are experiencing some shifts, these shifts provide opportunity to you. Remember when the market is up agents make money, and when the market is down agents make money.

Don't stop.

When it comes to investing " Opportunity zones, SRO's ( Single Room Occupancy) , Multi- family ,Mixed use and Industrial properties are seeing increasing movement. Lots of investment groups are interested in these property types.

When it comes to sales : SELL IT ALL!!!!!! LOL - Remember to speak to your clients about 1031 exchanges. Offer options. Be their HERO.

When it comes to leasing, keep an open mind. The industrial warehouse. storage and distribution properties have been in great demand.

Retail leases and renegotiations have increased since the pandemic lows, but more importantly retail instore spending is increasing.

When it comes to office leasing, activity is slower than it was pre- pandemic, but it is not dead. Despite many loving the working from home sensation. Many people crave getting out of their home offices to clear their heads, get quiet space, and most of all create synergy.

The office banter in real estate of what is on the market who is doing what and what is going where is important in commercial real estate. The office synergy is needed, or atleast a fantastic community is needed to bounce ideas off of and chat about deals.

These are chance for small co -working businesses looking to lease space for real estate agents who are not with the same company, but just need a place to work. Not only real estate agents, but also engineers, data entry specialist, content creators and more.

Content creation "hubs" are becoming more popular. These businesses are leasing space to create videos, blogs, photoshoots, crafts, and more.

There are plenty of spaces on the market that could serve this purpose.

Speaking of Co- Working ... anyone see WE CRASH? based on the WeWork entrepreneur Adam Nuemann? What did you think if so?

GOOD NEWS; Learn Commercial Real Estate is officially a registered Trademark of the United States. We are an educational platform that has turned into a community of like minded wealth builders.

While we are speaking about community, let's congratulate our wealth builders on closing deals:

Candice Merritt out of Texas- Closing a gas station lease deal

Dani Barbar out of California closing a barber shop lease

Pauline Odutola out of Texas closed a warehouse lease


Small Things Make a Big Difference:

Keys to Success:

Perseverance is key.

Patience is key.

Knowing when you are in the right place at the right time is key

Believing in yourself is Key

Positive Self Talk is Key


Different Point of View:

Commercial Real Estate is a tough industry.

You need to be able to tough things out, take it on the proverbial chin ,and suck it up sometimes.

You've got to be able to put away your ego. This is something I have had to learn as I began closing deals and accomplishing benchmarks that others in my industry were not doing. For this reason, I make it a rule not to post everytime I close a deal.

But I am the person who will congratulate and cheer to the STARS when others do it! Because I know it wasn't easy.

And when the WEALTH BUILDERS close deals , I go crazy with excitement!!


What Remains the Same:

Doing your due diligence before selecting clients, properties, strategies is quite important.

Keep a good attitude and a level head. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Get out of your own way.

You should be attending your local city planning meetings.

Find out when they are. Find out what commercial businesses are doing or asking for .

What are the local plans that could help your investor clients or clients that are business owners.


What you need to learn and know:

The Learn Commercial Real Estate Membership window for enrollment is now open to the public. If you are interested and want to book a short call before you register. hit reply.

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This membership will be accepted upon interview admission only. Limited spots.

What I can promise you is this: IF YOU DO THE WORK, YOU WILL LEARN COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE AND YOU WILL CLOSE DEALS. PERIOD. - you have to do the work.


We offer Military Discounts and Scholarships when available. Hit reply for more information. Referrals must be paid in full to apply on a one year commitment.

We do offer company group training. Ask for details

Speak Nicely to Yourself and Others.

Mind the Numbers and Percentages.

ENGAGE AND CONNECT WITH US. I'd love to hear from you.





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The best is yet to come,