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I've got lots of news to share, and as always you get to hear my business first.


A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by The Office of Economic Development in San Francisco.

I learned they are working with The Black Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco leading an effort to keep black owned businesses from shutting down or being evicted.

The recent news of the moratorium being lifted has caused many business owners to panic, because the possibility of losing their Lease and business space is very realistic.

There are over 400 businesses at risk in San Francisco alone. The city is putting together relief efforts to help re-negotiate Leases for these business owners, and if Leases cannot be negotiated then the plan is to solidify a different space for the business with a new Lease.

I have been asked to be a part of that tremendous endeavor.

This opportunity not only aligns with my mission and purpose; it presents an opportunity for me to share the:


I will be sharing all the insiders tips and creative ways to make these renegotiation deals work. From how to contact Landlords and the process it take to get these deals done.

You'll have the inside track to take to your local business owners who are in need of Lease renegotiation assistance.

First you have to learn how to do it.

Second amazing opportunity is: I will be looking to work with some agents on assisting with site location and being a runner.

Runner = Commercial Real Estate Intern

They just need to be licensed in California and living in San Francisco or East Bay for this project. Hopefully, they work for eXp, but if not no biggie.

My goal is to concentrate on the 5 x 5 which are the deals I work on will either have a $5k monthly minimum budget or a 5k Square Feet minimum requirement.

The other deals that I have many opportunities with will go to the agents/ realtors in the our Wealth Builders community.

My vision is to create a massive referral network of like minded commercial Leasing superstars!


RCB= Restaurants/ Cafe /Bars = RCB

Let's get into our Lesson of Restaurants / Cafe/ Bars = RCB

I can't believe we are already in week 3

Last week we learned a great script to help out when calling on brokers to ask about the commercial space your client might be interested in.

Calling to ask the right questions and finding out the correct information for your client is paramount in adding value and finding the ideal space for your client.

Remember a client's business space is like their second home. Many times business owners spend more time at the business location then at their residential home.

If you are coming from a residential background you have the ability to offer more empathy to your clients that traditional commercial brokers who aren't thinking for their client in that matter.

The traditional agents can't offer the empathy and encouragement of understanding like realtors can.

My motto is:

" Commercial real estate isn't just about buildings, they are where the people you Love, Live and Work- Divine Katoure

Last week when we practiced on calling the agent we are going to assume your client is interested in spaces and it's time to tour.

What exactly do you do on a commercial tour? How can you answer all the questions the client needs to know ?

Well I'll tell you.......

  1. Grease Traps
  2. Hoods
  3. Water/ Drainage
  4. appropriate number of sinks
  5. Bathrooms are they ADA
  6. Freezer
  7. Storage
  8. Uneven Flooring or concrete
  9. Safety
  10. Lighting

Is there an Inventory list available ?

Especially if you are helping your client Lease the RCB space as is:

Many times the Owners of the business will want to Lease or Sale their equipment and inventory included in the Lease. If so here is a list Here are some things that could be included:

  1. Ovens
  2. Ranges and ventilation
  3. Food processors
  4. Mixers
  5. Slicers
  6. Food prep counters and cutting boards
  7. Freezers and refrigerators
  8. Safety equipment
  9. Storage racks and shelving
  10. Cooking equipment
  11. Serving ware
  12. Storage containers
  13. Sinks
  14. Kitchen Display System
  15. Point of sale system
  16. Steam table
  17. Washing equipment
  18. Sharpening stone
  19. Microwave
  20. Ice maker
  21. Gas or electric grill

There is one very important aspect of looking for space I need to bring to your attention. When looking for your clients spaces, you are looking out for them and should be looking ahead for them as well.

Make sure to check if the space is ADA Compliant. Please check out the following links to stay informed of some important items that can make or break a deal.


More on this in the membership, but get informed now!

Americans with Disabilities ACT 


The more you know - The more valuable you are. We got this!!!




The membership will be open for enrollment with core content already on the platform for you to begin learning on Thursday May 20th at 3pm!!!

You can pre- purchase today!

$149 one- time commitment $39.99 billed monthly

The monthly content for the month of June will drop June 6th and on the 6th of each month after that.

In the membership, we will focus on Industrial- Retail- Office Leasing in Landlord and Tenant representations.

  1. Finding and Keeping Clients
  2. Working Deals
  3. Closing Transactions
  4. Getting Paid
  5. Lead Generation
  6. Marketing
  7. Social Media

Become a commercial real estate connoisseur and Lease your commercial spaces, get paid and create more opportunities for yourself and loved ones.

With our hands-on, step-by-step training you’ll learn how to read leases, market trends and navigate the Commercial Real Estate Industry more easily.

Identifying Properties

Client Calling


Lease Structure




Case studies

Due Diligence


Lead Generation


Square Footage

and MORE!!!

You guys already know how I do it!

I bring you the best in commercial Leasing

Learn Commercial Real Estate Leasing: Make more money in commercial real estate with Learn Commercial Real Estate Wealth Builders Membership.

I’ll be showing you exactly how to get yourself on the fast track for discovering and learning the skills you need to succeed in commercial real estate.



Thanks for being patient with me. I was planning to make a big ta do about the membership and we still will. Personally, I am in the middle of closing deals and taking on new commercial Leasing projects that helps our community and cements my Legacy.

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