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Real Estate Opportunities are in the Facts

Learn Commercial Real Estate Commercial Leasing     I hope this message finds you in the best of spirits and health. And hoping healthier and happier days are ahead for us all. What's new with you? I was reading real estate facts, and I was shocked to learn 65% of realtors are women, but less than 5% of that are women in commercial real estate. That fact got me excited about writing this blog today, simply because I realize there are lots of wonderful women getting this blog who are learning and growing in commercial real estate. Let's keep going community!!     There are a few members from Learn Commercial Real Estate who have closed more deals this month....

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Working on Deals and Cleaning up Spills

Learn Commercial Real Estate Commercial Leasing It is a new week with new possibility, and the opportunities are yours. We are going to continue with the retail gems. Here are some good news. ​ Most of you know last spring I was contacted by The Office of Economic Development in San Francisco. They were working with The Black Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco leading an effort to keep black owned businesses from shutting down, being evicted, and helping business owners find new business space. One of those businesses was Yes' Pudding a local business owned by Quanishia Johnson. Her story is amazing and so is the delicious sweet and savory treats she offers. The reason why this deal was so important...

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They Sell it - You Lease it. Connecting the Money in Sales

Learn Commercial Real Estate   Empower Yourself Commercial Leasing Happy week days. I hope you find some quiet and loud victories this week, As I sit writing to you ,enjoying a coffee, a thought came to me. Let's chat about the connection between Sales and Leasing. Originally, I had planned to write to you about commercial real estate insurance, but I had an epiphany to instead write about the connection between sales and leasing in commercial real estate. ​ ​ BUT FIRST Cold Calling Techniques that Just Work Please watch - like - subscribe- share ​ Language Lesson: Kesef= Money I also wanted to teach you a word in Hebrew. It is Kesef and when I speak to my family...

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