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Learn Commercial Real Estate is a Game Changer

Do You Want to be a Game Changer? Learning Commercial Real Estate Leasing can be fun and exciting, and we will show you.         We bring out the fun in commercial leasing, because isn't that what your passion should be all about?                 Enjoying it and having fun? We couldn't agree more.     Connect with our Commercial Real Estate Rockstar Community. We love learning from you also. Reach out to us via Instagram or Facebook.                  

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Restaurant Cafe Bars - Leasing Introduction

Let's Go Commercial Real Estate  From a Tenant Representative point of view. Needing to understand your client's requirements, and putting them first. We also understand what the Landlord need and wants to get the deal done by doing our Due Diligence. This month we will be learning and sharing commercial real estate leasing information on all things restaurants/ café / bars. I am so excited to share this market segment with you, there are so many wonderful people requesting this series. Many of you already have Leasing opportunities working with Tenants (business owners) Landlords and Investors. Congratulations! And if you haven't had the opportunity yet... You are going the right way to create momentum for opportunity galore. In thinking about how important...

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Restaurant Cafe Bars - Leasing Space Mistakes to Avoid

Learn Commercial Real Estate Tenants can be unprepared, anxious and overwhelmed. Some may spend time dwaddling in the deal. Many Tenants will ask to see spaces with prices out of their Budget. Some will stop answering the phone. How do you guide your client to avoid wasting time?This month we are focusing on Restaurants/ Cafe/ Bars Commercial Professionals uses a lot of abbreviations and acronyms. For example Commercial Real Estate = CRE So our topic of Restaurants/ Cafe/ Bars = RCB   RCB Spaces = Restaurant/ Cafes / Bars Last week we learned the right questions to ask in getting you started in finding a great business space for your client. That email from last week will be at the bottom of this...

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