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6 Questions for Restaurant Cafe and Bar Clients

Learn Commercial Real Estate Do You Have a Tenant Looking for Space? You may already have a Tenant (business owner) asking about Restaurant Cafe or Bar space. Here are some questions to ask so you can understand how to add the greatest value to your client and also if it is worth your time.   1. Have they owned/operated an RCB space before? If so where, when, what was it and how did they do it?     2. What type of type business model would they like? RCB? but what's the vibe? what type of food/service/niche?   3. What Location?     4. How many square feet do they need?     5. What is the monthly budget?    ...

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Restaurant Cafe Bars - Leasing Introduction

Let's Go Commercial Real Estate  From a Tenant Representative point of view. Needing to understand your client's requirements, and putting them first. We also understand what the Landlord need and wants to get the deal done by doing our Due Diligence. This month we will be learning and sharing commercial real estate leasing information on all things restaurants/ café / bars. I am so excited to share this market segment with you, there are so many wonderful people requesting this series. Many of you already have Leasing opportunities working with Tenants (business owners) Landlords and Investors. Congratulations! And if you haven't had the opportunity yet... You are going the right way to create momentum for opportunity galore. In thinking about how important...

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