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Cold Calling Strategy and Scripts

Learn Commercial Real Estate   Empower Yourself Commercial Leasing Happy New Week, I hope you get some great ideas this week on how to forward your dreams. This week is all about Cold Calling. ​ We all know as real estate professionals cold calls outreach is a major part of the real estate game winning strategy. We can't expect all of our efforts to be wrapped around social media and networking events. We can't expect all of our leads to come from the internet, even though you may put so much time and energy into internet branding. The thing is, before social media and the blow up of the advertising industry, the best way to get a message to someone...

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Damages and Dog Bites on Commercial Property- Could it Happen to You?

Learn Commercial Real Estate   Empower Yourself Commercial Leasing ​Happy new week! Last week, I got bit by a dog who was on a leash. We were on a busy street. The attack literally came out of nowhere. It happened so fast, when the dog jumped on me. I didn't think it would bite me until I felt a sharp pain on my thigh. I was in disbelief as the owner snatched the dog's leash towards him. It happened on a crowded street in broad daylight with lots of witnesses. The owner began to deny it was bite straight away. He said "He only nipped you." I then turned around and stood up, removed my hand -the bite mark and...

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