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Leasing Restaurant and Lounge Space

  Learn Commercial Real Estate Commercial Leasing It is the middle of the week with wonderful opportunity ahead of you. We took a couple of weeks off to regroup and now we are back. We had a request from several superstars in our community on helping Cafe and Lounge owners with their business space needs. I decided to revamp the Restaurant / Cafe / Bar series we did last June. It is really so wonderful to be rocking with you all for so long. Before we get into the good stuff. I would like you to stay encouraged during the holiday season. Deals may slow down a bit, as people focus more on the holiday. Just keep going. As the...

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Burn Out in Commercial Real Estate

Learn Commercial Real Estate ​ Empower Yourself Commercial Leasing I hope you have had a great week. It is so exciting to see so many of you using your skills and ability to help your clients achieve their dreams. Working in real estate can be challenging it is certainly not an easy business, and commercial real estate can be even tougher. Knowing the definition of key words often in commercial real estate can give you more confidence and solution finding opportunities. ​ These are some common words and definitions you should know. A big announcement: The Learn Commercial Real Estate Wealth Builders Membership will be re-opening in October 2021 for a short window of time. Membership will be $249- $549...

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