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Leasing Restaurant and Lounge Space

  Learn Commercial Real Estate Commercial Leasing It is the middle of the week with wonderful opportunity ahead of you. We took a couple of weeks off to regroup and now we are back. We had a request from several superstars in our community on helping Cafe and Lounge owners with their business space needs. I decided to revamp the Restaurant / Cafe / Bar series we did last June. It is really so wonderful to be rocking with you all for so long. Before we get into the good stuff. I would like you to stay encouraged during the holiday season. Deals may slow down a bit, as people focus more on the holiday. Just keep going. As the...

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Damages and Dog Bites on Commercial Property- Could it Happen to You?

Learn Commercial Real Estate   Empower Yourself Commercial Leasing ​Happy new week! Last week, I got bit by a dog who was on a leash. We were on a busy street. The attack literally came out of nowhere. It happened so fast, when the dog jumped on me. I didn't think it would bite me until I felt a sharp pain on my thigh. I was in disbelief as the owner snatched the dog's leash towards him. It happened on a crowded street in broad daylight with lots of witnesses. The owner began to deny it was bite straight away. He said "He only nipped you." I then turned around and stood up, removed my hand -the bite mark and...

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