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Don't be afraid to ask questions

Learn Commercial Real Estate Commercial Leasing   It's a new week. There are lots of opportunities in the market right now, So let us take advantage of them.     I have spoken to many real estate agents, and the one thing many have in common is being uncomfortable asking questions, that must be asked to potential business owners and landlords that you want to represent. This also applies to asking questions to other agents or brokers who are more experienced. Many are hesitant to ask questions to seasoned brokers in a fear of appearing green and new. Asking questions in many cultures have been taboo. As children many of us, were told to mind our business, or the proverbial...

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I Am Not Feeling It

Learn Commercial Real Estate Commercial Leasing     It's a new week. It's a new day. Deals are happening. The opportunities are out there. Are we ready for them and can we see them when they are available? Are we in the proper mindset of being focused and on fire?? So what happens when we are NOT in the mindset of being focused and on fire? What happens when the weight of the world pushes down and it's hard for you and I to concentrate on being focused and on fire... What do we do on the days, we don't feel like conquering the world? What then? ​   Small Things Make a Big Difference: Acknowledging where you are in...

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