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This week we are touching on Subleases.

Subleases are second hand gifts that often lead to better opportunities and bigger gifts.

Most agents don't realize there is actually money to be made and clients to serve in the sublease market.

First let's look at what a sublease is : Sublease:

What it means to Sublease a property

A Sublease is simply leasing out a property to a different Lessee under the same Lease as the current Lessee holds.

​That is to say, the company that holds the original lease agreement with the landlord for the property is now leasing also known as ‘Subleasing’ it to a new tenant.

Usually, a tenant chooses to Sublet or Sublease the property that they are leasing if for some reason they cannot keep the business going, but they have a current lease agreement that they cannot get out of.

This actually happens a lot.

Especially, now around the country there are millions of square feet for sublease, which means, there could be hundreds if not thousands near you.

Did someone say opportunity? Yes, Divine just did.

By Subletting the property to a new tenant, they can collect rent and pass it along to the landlord. The responsibility for paying the rent still lies with the tenant who has a lease agreement with the landlord of the building.

Small Things Make a Big Difference

Being of assistance in the sublease market brings more opportunities for agents and Landlords to connect.

Not only do agents get a commission , but if they do a good job , they are more than likely to work with the Tenant to find

new space when the sublease is over. These deals are usually longer with a higher rate.

There are lots of tenants who may not have had an opportunity to get into a business space , if it wasn't for sublease opportunities to get them on their feet.

Subleases are often less expensive than the original lease and for shorter time periods. BUT EACH DEAL IS DIFFERENT.

Different Point of View

If you get a sublease opportunity, access the party/group requesting your assistance?

Sometimes agents from other companies will allow other agents to sublease space for them.

When possible always find out who the true owner of the property is, there may be a chance

to complete a direct deal with the Landlord for a longer term.

What Remains the Same

You need an exclusive listing agreement in order to work with the property

It still takes the same effort to sublease a space as it does to market a listing.

Check out the Sublease Market in Your Area.

Maybe thinking about looking to see what seasoned agents have sublease spaces they don't feel like putting effort into.

Here is a insider secret: COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE AGENTS GET LAZY. lol.

There are a lot of opportunities out there, and there are lots of agents retiring.

Would you guys like tips on how to work with seasoned agents and get them to share business with you ?

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