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What's new with you?

I was reading real estate facts, and I was shocked to learn 65% of realtors are women, but less than 5% of that are women in commercial real estate.

That fact got me excited about writing this blog today, simply because I realize there are lots of wonderful women getting this blog who are learning and growing in commercial real estate.

Let's keep going community!!



There are a few members from Learn Commercial Real Estate who have closed more deals this month. While I want to congratulate their wins, I also want to acknowledge the frustrations and challenges they face and overcome because they keep going.

As I continued reading, I wanted to share these facts with you. Not only are they fun facts to know and share with others, but there is more.

These facts put in a bit more perspective of where you are in your journey and how your strengths and challenges are often shared with your other realtor colleagues.

Here are a few more interesting facts:

  • The median age of all Realtors in the United States is 52.
  • 20% of Realtors have had their license for a year or less.
  • 60% of Realtors report that in 2021, lack of inventory was the most important factor limiting potential clients from making a purchase, overtaking 2020’s “finding the right property in the right price range”
  • More than 30% of Realtors report closing at least one transaction a year as a direct result of their use of social media
  • In 2021, the typical Realtor earned 34% of their commission income via repeat clients and referrals.
  • There are currently more than 107,000 brokerages operating in the United States.
  • 45% of brokers report that “keeping up with technology” is the biggest challenge their agents face.

Those are interesting facts to know and consider. Did you see yourself or anyone you know any of, of those statistics?

Embrace it and keep going. Let go of what doesn't serve you.


Small Things Make a Big Difference

Those are interesting facts for sure.... We don't mind being a real estate statistic, BUT when it comes to being a real estate deal closer in your market....... we want those stats up!

Do you know the local statistics and facts of your local market?

For example - it's facts that cannabis is coming to a retail store near you. Soon and very soon. (If not already)

Look into these market segments to gain a leading edge in your market.

Cannabis stores, Delta 8 lounges, and commercial kitchens for cannabis collective creations as group parties - think sip and paint concepts.

Make sure to email me when you get these opportunities if you have questions.

What empty locations in your market might meet these retail requirements.

These companies usually look for retail spaces around 2,000- 3,000 square feet.

Statistics show these companies open 5 to 7 locations a year.

Different Point of View

The experiences of your life will differentiate you from others.

For some working in the cannabis industry may not mesh with their

personal beliefs and that is ok. Send those leads to our community and

we can make sure everyone gets paid and deals get done.​

What Remains the Same

Due Diligence is the name of the game. Knowing the facts, statistics and what is on the rise in your community will keep you on the leading edge of opportunity.

One fact to know is one must be mindful how their cannabis client will pay rent when they are making loads of money each year.

Federal regulations require work arounds to stay in compliance.

Make sure you cover that very important fact in your Due Diligence.



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