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It's a new week - with lots of opportunity.

This week I am being thankful for how far I have come since the new year, and you should too.

There has been many wonderful changes and I have met so many wonderful realtors, and made a lasting impact on the community there through commercial leasing.

As that impact grows - I am expanding the Learn Commercial Real Estate brand.


Professionally, I am consulting with real estate companies and realtors around the country closing deals and helping them do the same through the Learn Commercial Real Estate consulting and education system.

I have some exciting developments in the works which I will share soon.


Let's congratulate our community member Monique Mitchell for closing her first commercial leasing deal, She placed the Black Chamber of Commerce for Solano County into their first business space!


Lots of deals to be made - even in a market such as this!!

Here are a few success tips from her deal:

  1. She stayed consistent on the follow up
  2. She stayed agile and patient with site selection
  3. She stayed determined to learn how!!
  4. She decided .... and THEN SHE DID IT!!!


Small Things Make a Big Difference:

  • Calling to connect and getting out into your market will a win over sitting around waiting and wondering when your next deal will close.
  • Making sure to add " Payment to be released upon fully signed execution of the lease" or some wording like that in the LOI will do 2 things:
  1. Help you get paid faster- after sending invoice
  2. It will bring up any payment delays from the other side.
  • Researching your clients business competitors in their area will give you insight on how to position your client's location for better success.


Different Point of View:

There will usually always be snags or issues that come up when closing deals and taking names.

How do you take these challenges and grow from them?

How can these nuances build your mental library of deal pivoting ideas and strategies.


What Remains the Same:

Everyone is going through something.

Client not calling you back?

Brokers not returning your calls?

Landlord seems rigid and unwilling to play ball.

Tenant is flaky.

Lots of things while you are doing the work, that can easily discourage you.

Especially when waiting for calls backs on information that you may need to move forward.

Remember even though we are business professionals, we are humans.

One of the ways to keep floating to the top is by being determined to keep swimming through every strong wave that pushes you back or down to the bottom.

I've learned sometimes you can't go under it or over it- you have to go straight though it and keep on going!!

Being a realtor and a human means one thing: we are constant problem solvers.

I want to remind you. It doesn't matter how many deals you close or how much commission you make, there will always be new life and business challenges to solve.

So together, let's stay determined to keep swimming.


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Speak Nicely to Yourself and Others.

Mind the Numbers and Percentages.

ENGAGE AND CONNECT WITH US. I'd love to hear from you.

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