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I have spoken to many real estate agents, and the one thing many have in common is being uncomfortable asking questions, that must be asked to potential business owners and landlords that you want to represent.

This also applies to asking questions to other agents or brokers who are more experienced.

Many are hesitant to ask questions to seasoned brokers in a fear of appearing green and new.

Asking questions in many cultures have been taboo.

As children many of us, were told to mind our business, or the proverbial "nunya" which I am pretty sure translates into most languages.


The non verbal clues to mind your own business usually translates very well.

You are not alone, sometimes asking questions and being in other people's business is complicated, but ASK we must.

Asking open ended questions are a big help.

" Tell me more about your business journey?"

" Please share more about your business background?"

" How did you come to own this property?"

" What are your property ownership goals?"

" How many other properties do you own?"

" What is the Landlord willing to give? "

" How will the commissions be paid?"

" Why is this item red- lined/ crossed out on the LOI?"


Small Things Make a Big Difference:

When it comes to potential clients ...If they do not or cannot answer the questions you are asking regarding their requirement, then that will save you loads of time. - By not wasting your time. Sometimes they cannot perform.

There are other clients that need to be guided on what they need to know or submit in order to actually do a deal.

When asking questions to other brokers, don't be afraid to say... "I am new" They know you are new and you know it. Own it!!!!

Different Point of View:

Consider your client being confused or upset about not being asked the questions.

Consider your client wanting to converse more and tell you more of their story.

Most people love chatting about themselves.

What Remains the Same:

Let's put our best foot forward when it comes to being confident enough to ask questions.

You are helping yourself by better understanding how you can serve your clients.

Once you have the information and have asked the questions, you can move forward.

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